Benefits of publishing abstract book of Conference with EduPub

The benefits of publishing an abstract book of a conference with EduPub include 

- Credibility and Professional Development: Publishing a book chapter or abstract book adds substantial weight to your professional profile.
- Focused Exposure: Unlike journal articles, book chapters allow authors to delve deeper into their subject matter.
- Networking Opportunities: Collaborating on a book with multiple contributors is an excellent way to network.
- Long-Term Impact: Books have a longer shelf life than many other forms of scholarly communications.
- Platform for Further Research: Publishing a book chapter can serve as a stepping stone for further research.
- Global Recognition: ISBNs are recognized worldwide, making it easier for books to be cataloged and found in libraries, bookstores, and online platforms.
- Professionalism: An ISBN lends an air of professionalism and legitimacy to your publication, which can enhance your reputation as an author.
- Archival Preservation: EduPub's commitment to archival preservation ensures the long-term accessibility of published book chapters for future generations of scholars and researchers.