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Women empowerment

 Women empowerment” is defined as making a woman independent and let her choose what she wants without being dependent on anyone. Women empowerment is making a woman powerful in her own way. 

                In olden days, a woman is seen as a slave or as a non-existing thing. Women were married to an old man and also killed them when the husband was dead. After some year they stopped killing but did not stop child marriages. Society did not accept a women or a girl to get educated as man and boys. Government didn’t give a voting right in olden days. Women were discriminated and didn’t give any rights. But they are many great women in the past fought for equality and women rights. Till today women are fighting for their rights and choices with family and society.

          Till today women are still getting raped and killed. Women are getting discriminated for wearing her choice cloths. Society will still discriminate a women even she is independent. Society will never accept a woman as she is. Society discriminate the way she wear her cloths, her skin color, they even body shame more than a men.

         There are many women inspirations in India like Lakshmi agarwal who had an acid attack but still survived and fight for years to get her justice. She also helped many acid survivors and fought for their justice with them. a movie was released in 2020 named “chhapak”  inspired my her true story. 

           Not only Lakshmi agarwal there are many other women who inspired many other women such as kiran bedi, irom sharmila, Indra nooyi, neerja bhanot and many more.  Neerja, kahaani, razzi, gunjan saxena: the kargil girl are some the Indian movies which were inspired by true women stories. These movies show the discrimination women face and also shown about women empowerment.                               

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