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Why should I choose an engineering stream?

Engineering is a popular and one of the most sought after courses for students who have completed Class 12, especially for students from the Science stream


  The various streams of engineering can be broadly classified into 6 major branches, namely: Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical.

What is the role of engineering in society?

                  Engineers are in every field. There is an engineer behind every beautiful and wonderful building. The technology we are using today, automobiles, machines, spaceships, communication system and many are built by an engineer. Engineers make human day to day life easier and efficient. An engineer is someone who solve problem and continue learning and help many people.

              Engineering gives skills you can apply everywhere. If you’re an engineer you can work for an MNC or an IT company or you can start a business, or to be consultant in a legal company. It gives an option to switch a career if you want to. 


vSome of the points to look in an engineering college before joining a engineering college             

Ø Infrastructure of the college: - check the basic need like classrooms, labs playground, etc.

Ø Choosing a right stream as per your interest: - There are different types of stream like Mechanical, civil, Chemical, etc.  Choose a right stream as your taste.

Ø Placements and Internships provided by college: - Before joining engineering colleges check whether college provides internships /placements.  It is important to start doing internships since the beginning of college. This gives practical learning along with theoretical learning.  

Ø Fee structure: -the fee structure depends on the college whether its government, private or semi government. You should also look whether the college provides scholarships.

Ø Extra- curricular activities: - look whether the college has extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular activities like indoor or outdoor game which are good for mental and physical health.

Ø Entrance exam:-Check whether the college conducts any entrance exam.

Also look minimum marks to join the college. 

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