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Digital marketing is used for advertising of your own business, your products, or services using internet and digital technology like social media, mobile phones and other digital mediums. Digital marketing helps you to connect with your customer through social media and helps to promote your services worldwide. There two types of marketing:- 1. Online marketing: - In online marketing we use social media and other digital mediums to promote your service or sell your products. Digital marketing is also called as online marketing. 2. Traditional marketing:-“Traditional marketing” helps advertising of a product or your business through newspapers, magazines ads or person to person marketing. There are different types of modules where you can promote your business through digital marketing .
Here are some examples 

• Blogging: - Blogging is a place where you can write and promote your business or your customer’s product. It also contains articles and daily style entries. 

 • [SEO] Search engine optimization: - Search engine optimization (SEO) is process of optimizing the web trafficking and it will help your website visibility which means your website can be shown to relevant searches. 

• Email marketing:-email marketing is mostly uses for targeted audience like your customer or the people who are interested in you can send poster or invitation or any event related posts for your targeted audience through email. 

• Online advertising:-online advertising can be paid and also unpaid advertising. Online advertising is also called as online marketing. You can create websites and promote your business. You can create an advertisement or short video of your business and post in social media. 

 • Mobile marketing:-you can also promote your business through mobile marketing, which is creating an app of your business for advertising. 

 Resource Constraint Model 

• Responsive or adaptive website 
 • Adapts itself to screen size 
 • user experience is maintained