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Internships are referred to a work done by a student or a graduate for a professional experience which is meaningful and related to his/her field of study or career interest. Internships also help students to learn and will also experience of working in co-operative companies. It’s also an opportunity for a student to develop his career and learn a new skill.

      There are different types of internships some of them are

·      Paid internship:-  These types of internships help the students experience a new skill which can also relate to his/her study field, career interest  and get paid money for his/her works.

·      Summer internships: - This internship is most popular. These internships are most help for students to learn and earn in their free time and can spend more time in working for their career.

·      Co-operative education: - This internship is different from other internships. Another type of internship to choose from is a cooperative education program. This internship is a three- way partnership between a student, an employer, and a college or a university. The difference between normal internship and co-operative is length of time.

·      Unpaid internship:- unpaid paid internships provides  a students or a graduate experience of new skill or give experiencing in student’s field of study or career interest. 

·      Externships: - externship is option where he /she is can gain knowledge in a career interest. It’s also shorter than internship more like a day or few externship students can experience day to day activities and responsibilities of the job.