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 What is one of the most important factors that needs to be done correctly for an organization to grow when their product is of good quality and have an affordable price? It’s promotion. The organization needs to ensure that they are promoting themselves properly to wide range of the population so that more people can know about them and their business can grow.

Promotion is basically communicating with your customers or prospective customers with aim of informing them about your product and persuading them to make an immediate purchase. In this, you will have to describe your product’s features, availability, use and more important things that will earn you brownie points and make the customer buy it.

There are different ways of promoting yourself and one can use a combination of such ways to grow their business. Let’s have a look at these tools.



It is the most commonly used tools of promotion. Does not need any explanation as we come across a hundred of ads every day.

In a formal language, advertising is any paid form of presentation or promotion of the product by the marketer. It includes the provision of the information about the product in detail so that the buyer would take an action in favor of the marketer.

The most commonly used modes by the companies to advertise themselves have been televisions, newspapers, magazines and radios. Although, since the past few years, digital marketing has also been gaining attention impressively. More and more people are opting for this method as it is easier and more affordable to use. Plus, it reaches out to more masses considering the whole world is connected online now due to the pandemic.

It can be very surely said that advertisement plays a major role in the success of a business.



It is usually the oral presentation of the product to one or more consumers with the aim of making them buy it. For this method, a salesperson is appointed by the company who goes from door to door of the customers to explain them about the product make a sale. It is generally more time taking and costlier than advertising. Also, it is not possible for a human to go around in every corner of the nation to promote the product therefore, the mass reach is very low here. One plus point though, in personal selling, the seller gets an immediate and clear feedback from the customer which may not be possible in the case of advertisement.



These are basically the short-term schemes initiated by the company to attract more customers and make them buy the product. All promotional efforts other than advertising and personal selling comes under this. Some of these techniques may include free shipping or free return of the product, any giveaways, competitions with rewards, flash sale of 60-80% off and lot more. These type incentives attract a large number of people which increases the customer base.



These mean the programs organized by a company to protect the image of their product or themselves, for that matter, in the eye of the public. The business needs to communicate with its buyers, investors and suppliers since they play a major role in increasing the sales and profit of the company. Therefore, they need to have a good public image constantly so that these people would be loyal to them. A bad image may harm the reputation of the company and eventually people would start to back-off from them since they do not want to be in touch with a unsavoury reputed company.


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