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 Poverty is a major problem from which India has been suffering since an extremely long time. Poverty is quite a subjective topic and cannot have one ‘right’ definition. Each country can describe it in their own way according to the conditions of their own economy. Although, in a broad way it may be described as a state in which an individual is unable to fulfil even his basic needs of life.

The basic reasons are the social factors. The quality of education provided to the poor children is not good enough for them to change their future and therefore, they end up being poor. This cycle goes on due to the lack of money. Here are some of the major causes of poverty in India.



During the five-year plan period, the national income of the country has been increasing but the problem arises when it is not being distributed among the different sections of people equally. Majority of this income goes to those who are already rich leaving the poor with close to nothing. This inequality has widened the problem of poverty.



In India, the natural as well as the physical resources are underutilized due to the lack of technology and capital. Therefore, the production is low in the country. Even the technology available in the agricultural sector lack irrigation facility and they do not have high-yielding variety of seeds. This also results in the increase of poverty as their quality of life id still low.



The poor, in order to survive financially, borrow money from government banks or rich money lenders. For this borrowed money, they have to pay an interest which is set quite high. This leads them to end up in a vicious cycle of borrowings. This cycle continues from one generation to another making it impossible for them to save.



Because of the increase in the population, the burden of dependency ahs increased. Therefore, to provide for the family’s basic needs becomes an exceedingly big problem. This high rate of population also indicates lower health facilities and other crucial amenities which leads to the standard of living being low.



Many social factors such as caste, religion, gender, joint family system and others have hindered the economic growth. Majority of the population still being orthodox and not ready to change and move on ha vastly affected the growth of the country.



Because of a high level of unemployment, the number of dependency of people on the employed ones has increased. As a result, the consumption expenditure per head is decline because there is only so much one person can provide for a family. Consequence – most of such families are living below the poverty line.



It is no hidden fact that a high percentage of our population is illiterate. Due to this, the farmers have absolutely no idea about the efforts and initiatives taken by government that may help them with their financial condition. Also, they are unaware of the new technologies and tools for cultivation being introduced in the market. This also leads to the money lenders cheating them and extracting more money from them.