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There was a point when digital marketing was just a new and a unique way for marketers to advertise their product to the masses. Gaining popularity since 2008, digital marketing became a huge platform for almost every company to reach out to every corner of the country effectively. Each and every organization or start-up have their own website and it is difficult these days to run a business without it. 

As the internet is inter-connecting the whole world digitally, online marketing is also gaining more attention. So, why is it so important?


 Considering more than half of the youth these days and the older generation as well is constantly active on social media, it becomes a huge platform for companies to put up their products and advertise it to the masses with less efforts and time. 


It is crystal clear that bringing a small business on the top rank is not an easy job especially when there are huge competitors out there like Amazon, Starbucks, McDonnlads and the list goes on. This is where digital marketing comes into picture. A small business cannot have a store next to Starbucks and expect to overtake their business, but they can promote themselves over the internet to as much of the population as possible to make a known place for themselves. 


If your product is advertised on newspaper or television, you can only hope that people saw it and gained some interest in it. Also, you don’t even get their feedback on it. But, if it is done through social media, you get to interact with your audience digitally and know whether your product is suitable enough for a buyer or not. You receive a proper feedback and know where to improvise. 


In case of marketing through newspaper or magazines, you need to have a medium size capital to invest in your advertisement and if you choose television as your medium, then a huge capital must be available to do so. On the other hand, digital marketing doesn’t demand a high level of investment. Here, you get to choose a daily budget for your promotion and therefore, the cost could be as less as you want and under your budget. 


An online ad reaches out to your audience within a few seconds whereas, a newspaper or a magazine might take a few days or a whole week and television takes even longer due to its long procedure of planning, gathering, shooting, editing and lot more. 


When you advertise digitally, you get the option to track your campaign which enables you to analyze how successful it has turned out to be. You can track how many people clicked on your advertisement to go to your website, how many of them liked and shared it and also you can make changes in your promotion according to your performance. 

Keeping in mind the current pandemic, what better way could there be to socialize with people and promote yourself than digital marketing when everyone has chosen the digital road for their work. Online ads are the best way to get your company at the top even during such a big crisis.