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 It is not necessary that an economy will always work as we have planned it to.
Sometimes it might not work according to our judgement. There have been situations where the economy took an unexpected turn and the whole country had to change its ways according to that.

One of the recent and most difficult situations of all time is the unpredicted birth of Coronavirus. COVID-19 is a crisis that not just a country but the whole world is going through. It just popped out of the blue and we had absolutely no time to prepare ourselves for it. Still we have been taking a lot of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. We have been trying our best from declaring immediate lockdown to continuously looking for cures to treating the people affected by it and what not to get out of this situation despite knowing nothing about it before it came on earth. We are doing everything in our power to stop this but still a lot of lives have been affected because nothing from all of this was planned.

It was an unexpected situation which was treated with unexpected measures. On an instant note we stopped the whole economy. The goverment declared lockdown which affected the financial status of the society as a lot of them lost their jobs. Suddenly masks, sanitizers and gloves became our rescruer and our lives depended on them. Nobody ever imagined that there would be a time where all of us would be working from home, everybody would be locked in their own houses and the outside world would be completely empty. If these sudden measures were not taken, the virus might have done worse than what it is already doing.

Things are not always in our control. A person needs to be quick and spontaneous in order to deal with them or the situation can slip out of our hands and become a huge problem for us. There is a way to deal with everything even if we are not prepared and if we don't learn those ways then there might be huge repercussions.

Another example of similar situation in India could be demonetization. The sudden announcement by the government of banning the old notes created a havoc amongst the people. From the very next day banks became the busiest place of all. Cash payments were being rejected. Many digital payment platforms were created. Income tax rates were dropped.
This was also a time where people expected nothing still we did everything we could to handle the circumstance properly.

Certain times need to be treated unprecedentedly. Not everything can be planned. Life is full of uncertainities and though we might not have a prepared arrangement for them, we should be ready to face any kind of situation at any time.