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 By: Astha Raghav. 

Trekking is an adventure sports. It is not an easy task to do trekking. Indeed, it needs a lot of courage and confidence along with a strong physique. 

The term "Trekking Peak" is a commonly misunderstood colloquial term which may refer to a variety of types of peaks in the Himalayan Region. The term is most often associated with Group "B" NMA Climbing Peaks classified by the Nepal Mountaineering Association or easier. Some may use the term "Trekking Peak" to solely describe peaks requiring little to no technical climbing experience. Others may use the term to describe all mountains regulated by the Nepal Mountaineering Association including Group "A" NMA Expedition Peaks which may require considerable difficulties and technical climbing skill.

Because of the term's loose classification of peaks it can be misleading, encompassing peaks of significant varying difficulties.There is less general consensus for the use of the term in this context of Group "A" NMA Expedition Peaks.

The Indian Mountaineering Foundation describes trekking peaks closer to the true definition of trekking, where peaks have a defined route that requires less technical mountaineering skill. There peaks are open for climbing, where climbers are not required to book permits with or pay royalties to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Although some peaks are located in inner line, meaning close to border thus due to security reason, permissions and permits may be required from local civil or army authorities. Also, some peaks may be out of reach from foreign climbers.

Asian Trekking is a commercial adventure company based out of Kathmandu, Nepal started by Sherpa Ang Tshering.In 2001, it was recorded that Asian Trekking ran 25 large mountain expeditions per year. Asian Trekking made international news when in 2006 four of its clients and two of its Sherpas died in a single season. One of their clients, David Sharp, died near the summit and this event became the center of an international climbing ethics controversy. Founder of the company Ang said that climbers can die if they use all their energy getting to the summit of Mount Everest, only to be too fatigued for the descent.

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