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 Confidence plays a major role in achieving a happy and successful life. It can be proved by looking at our history. Those who had the confidence to raise their voice and stand for themselves are still remembered whereas, those who had lack of confidence only suffered even if they didn't want to. They let go of the opportunities they had and therefore led a miserable life. 

Of course life is full of uncertainities. We never know whats coming our way and often, because of this, we go into depression or isolation because we have no idea how to face such situations. We fear failure and rejection and that is one of the major reasons why we lack confidence as a self-assured person would learn from his mistakes and move on. 

Learning and moving on is what it takes to lead a successful life which wont happen if you are always living in a hole. 

Also, one of the major reasons why we lack confidence is because we are becoming more and more insecure about ourselves. We see others being so perfect and an all-rounder that we fear that the society might not accept the real us just because we are not like them. The entertainment industry is a major cause of this. We watch all the celebrities and famous personalities carry themselves brilliantly and we try to copy them. If we are not able to do so then we start being insecure about ourselves. We feel that there must be something wrong with us which ultimately leads us being shy and not facing the world. 

The society has created an image of a perfect personality in our minds and if we are not able to relate ourselves to it, we cannot present ourselves to them. We first need to accept ourselves as who we are, with all our strengths and flaws. It will automatically build a sense of confidence in us. 

A lot of children are becoming a victim of bullying and teasing only because they don't have the confidence to face the situation. They themselves believe that they are weak. 

There are so many problems in our lives that could be solved if we have confidence. We won't let anyone dominate us, we won't go into depression or isolation, we will be able to take our own decisions, socialize more and also stand for ourselves without any hesitation. 

You can build confidence by accepting and believing in yourself. Learn to forgive the mistakes you have done and move ahead. If you are in a miserable situation, try to recall any of your past accomplishments and success stories. It would help you believe that you have done it before, you can do it again. Also, make a list of all your negativities and try to work on them as suppressing them would make you less insecure. You can also have a little pep talk with yourself about how you are better in your own way and try to send good-intentions and comfort to yourself. 

All these things, if done on a regular basis, will definitely bring a change in you. You would gradually see a new version of yourself. Nothing can make us happy than our own selves. Self-confidence influences us to behave in a way that makes us more likely to achieve our objectives. It would make us stronger and more powerful.