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Knowledge is necessity.

Marks present our education but knowledge is broad. Knowledge refers to knowing about various fields or topics in and around us . It has no limits. No doubt education is a priority but knowledge is something that would remain with us forever. Being educated is as important as being aware of what's going around you. The text books we go through in schools and colleges don't hold imformation that is served by news channels, newspaper and editorial. 

Earlier it was a bit difficult to get information about what interests you but in today's time because of internet everything has become much easier than we would have ever thought. In just few clicks we could get information about anything  or anybody no matter where we are .

Present time has provided us open sources of knowledge and the one who is keen would know it somehow at some point of time. It has become convenient but what actually lacks here is awareness about how important knowledge is to us and how it could bring on drastic changes in us and our society. 

No doubt schools are meant for the same purpose but they do have a criteria which they work on basically your lesson plans. Those plans do not include everything but encylopedias , wikipedias and what not is out there to provide information.

I feel this pressure of learning from text books have resticted us into a small world with a lot of confines .
We need to step out of those and encounter the bigger world out there full of loads of information and knowledge.

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