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Intellectual capital : youth in truth.


Intellectual capital is cheifly a term for employees with skills, creative minds, information, knowledge and interests in what they do which brings up a huge difference in buisness .
    Obviously , for a buisness to do well we need people who can come out with best ideas for the company they are working at. Intellectual capital includes human capital, structure capital and customer capital. All three are essential for a company to grow. 

Buisness isn't only about CEO , the manager , the president , etc but it is about creations that would attract commoners. Let's say for instance , a cosmetic company would outshine only if the employees working there have something unique about there brand or products to differ from other cosmetic companys . This varience can only be brought by the employees .

Intellectual capital plays vital role in growth of buisness be it related to anything. In the expanding industry which is very competitive , its hard to keep up for a company to make difference and to stand-out . They need those quirky, bold and eccentric ideas that would make them rise up high from the others.For sure , we need employees who are well aware about their work and are creative , inventive and appealing .

Youth is utmost the part of it. The talent they hold in themselves needs to be set forth . The ideas teenagers could bring out are amazing , mind blowing and should be presented to people . Its not always about qualifications or the degrees . Flair they have in them matters the most and it is what actually would cash and make difference.

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