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Water Memory - Water & Our Thoughts

Water memory is a term associated with the ability of water to quickly grasp vibrations of our thoughts

Dr, Masaru Emoto from Japan conducted an experiment by labeling different glasses of water from the same source with different expressions.

Labels ranged from negative expressions like ‘you fool’   to positive expressions like ‘thank you’. Final result was based on observing the crystals of each glass of water after freezing it.

The same glass of water when exposed to different thoughts produced different crystal formations. Beautiful crystals were formed when water was exposed to a range of positive words, music and even pictures.. It could surely be the most interesting thing you would see today.

The conditions for all glasses of water were the same except the thought that was sent to each one.

Human body of an adult is 60% water. Every thought as a result affects the whole body, and every cell of the body.

From here great logic can be seen in saying prayer before eating. As is our intention while eating so will be the effect on the body. Every time before consuming a glass of water a pure powerful thought can recharge it at a deeper level.

In the end, it would be interesting to do this experiment on self to see the results. It might have worked for Dr.Emto but will it work for us ?

A seven days experiment would be perfect for deciding this. Create the thought ‘I am peace’ at least 5 times before drinking a glass of water and fill yourself with divine vibrations. 

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