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The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

 The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, genre-spirituality, was published in 2006. ‘The Secret’ was first released as a film. The Secret is inspired by Wallace Wattles book, The Science of Getting Rich(1910), which the author received from her daughter when she was going through personal trauma. Also, the book has a reference from the life of various personalities like Bob Proctor(author), Charles Haanel(A successful American businessman), Wallace Wattles, etc.

‘The Secret’ the title itself is so eye-catchy that I also bought this book to know what is the secret. But the day I started reading the book I got to know what the secret is, and how to achieve it. And believe me one should read ‘The Secret’ once in a lifetime. It completely changed my idea for life. 

The book has 10 chapters. In the first three chapters, you'll be introduced to the universal law of attraction and how to use it to make life worth living. And rest of the 7 chapters signify the secret in various aspects of life like the secret to you, the secret to money, the secret to relationship, etc. 

Between all the chapters you'll find various stories of individuals who have used the secret and have got the outcome. 

All the readers get to know about how like thoughts attract each other and how gratitude and mediation help us to achieve our goals and manifest whatever we need. It also tells the readers about how the greatest minds have used the ‘secret’ and were able to achieve their objectives.

“The power of thoughts” is the key highlight in all the chapters. 

This book can take you out of any crisis by introducing you to the secret and can also change your point of view towards life. 

“Think truly, and thy thoughts shall be world's famine feed.” - Horatio Bonar (1808-1889).