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Secret Blessings


What could a non physical thing give us in return? Through scriptures and lessons on moral values we know the importance of acts of goodness but have we experienced the same feeling lightness in reality?

Blessings can be associated with actions of kindness in terms of helping others but there is a deeper meaning to this word. Let us start by asking ourselves that what is the opposite of blessings? 

The not so nice thoughts created towards a person turns out to be the opposite of blessings. Do we create such thoughts about others? If yes then how often? 

Thoughts of jealousy, comparison and criticism towards others are like opposite of blessings. 

From this perspective we could be creating opposite of blessings throughout the day without even knowing its effect on our mind and relations with other people.

Blessings & Mind

When we know that blessings start with a thought then it becomes easy to be involved in such acts of goodness throughout the day rather than just being physically involved in helping others on some occasions. 

This way by creating thoughts of empowerment for others and seeing them with an elevated vision we can feel light and make others around us feel light.This is a way of earning blessings and increasing the spiritual fortune throughout the day and life.

Usually we could be creating ordinary or negative thoughts during the day whereas elevated and positive thoughts are believed to be more difficult to create. 

One other aspect is the category of waste thoughts which we could be creating majority of times. Do such thoughts deplete our energy? Or do these thoughts effect the environment and the people around us?

Imagine a person making noise in the neighborhood and disturbing others around. Wouldn’t that person become receiver of opposite of blessings from the people being disturbed? 

This is an example of physical noise which is disturbing in nature. What about the noise of our thoughts? 

Could our loud and noisy thoughts which are negative or waste in nature, disturb others around us?

The first impression is made through thoughts. When we meet someone our energy is felt before any verbal communication. 

Another example could be that of being in presence of a peaceful person, where vibrations of peace would be naturally felt around such a person. It is our thoughts which create these vibrations. 

Our vibrations can be either soothing or disturbing to others. A soothing aura around us would naturally make others feels light and comfortable in our presence. It may not be mentioned by anyone but the natural feeling of lightness would surely be felt.

Then just as in the presence of a tensed person opposite of blessings naturally flow, similarly in the presence of a person with a peaceful state of mind blessings will secretly flow. 

Such is the deep hidden meaning of blessings which we can earn throughout the day, anytime and anywhere.

So next time while sitting idle during the day, do not miss the opportunity of making the unlimited fortune of earning secret blessings with your vibrations of peace.